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$10 to arena, $10 toward the cows, $10 to instructor...for a total of $30

From the very beginner to the professional roper, Double G Ranch welcomes all levels to our practice arena. Whether you have never touched a rope or just want to stay in the game before your next rodeo, this is a great place to learn.

We currently do not offer horses for this practice, please trailer in. 

*Starting off with basics on the ground work

*Tracking the dummies pulled by 4 wheelers

*Coming out of the box behind a live calf or steer

*Working on going through the barrier

Steer Wrestling

$10 to arena, $10 toward the cows, $10 to instructor...for a total of $30

How do you even practice for a sport like this? Double G Ranch has all the equipment and know-how to do so. Whether you are new to this sport or need the practice for up coming rodeos, we have steer savers and horse saver dummies to develop your technique and timing. You'll then progress to chute dogging on the live steers. Once you feel comfortable a dogging horse and hasher, we'll bring it all together.